• The Short Story

    The Writer.

    Currently, I write content that empowers people to make data-driven decisions for driving growth at Amplitude Analytics.  I've never stopped aspiring to be a writer.  I maintain one regular blog about language learning, have written posts on Medium, write for a science podcast, and have an ongoing project with Inkshares.  In addition, I'm a regular (albeit unsuccessful) participant of NaNoWriMo.  Scroll below to read more of my writing!  

    The Linguaphile.

    I’ve always had a great interest in all aspects of language.  Everything from grammatical structure, to linguistic history, to how the brain interprets and creates language is absolutely intriguing to me. I took French for four years in high school, dabbled in Sanskrit, Hindi, Italian, and Japanese. But my greatest and most enjoyable hobby is self-studying Korean.  I have studied Korean for 5 years and have maintained a blog for almost as long.  I also do (very amateur) Korean-English translations of songs and passages from novels; you can find a portfolio of my translations here.

    The Scientist.

    Up until the spring of 2014, I was a PhD student in the Immunology Program and Department of Molecular & Cellular Physiology at Stanford University, with 6+ years of basic science research; then I left with my Master's degree.  Three years into the graduate program, I realized I love science but have no desire to be an academic.  I spent a year trying a number of different things, from managing the Immunology program website to working at a startup.  I used to be a grant writer and administrator for a translational genomics lab in the Department of Pediatrics at Stanford School of Medicine.

  • Experience

    Content Writer

    November 2015-present

    Helping deliver analytics for driving growth.

    Grant Consultant

    Stanford University School of Medicine
    July 2014-October 2015
    I help with the writing, editing, data collection and visualization, of a number of different National Institutes of Health grants. I have currently worked on three T32 training grants, a T15 progress report, and an R25 Science Education Partnership Award. The Graduate Training in Immunology T32 renewal submitted in Fall 2014 received an impact score of 13 - the highest in the program's history.

    Web Author

    Stanford Immunology Program
    I used Adobe CQ AEM to build and write content for the immunology program's new website.

    Truthly, Inc.

    Co-founder/Chief Scientific Officer
    August 2014-February 2015
    We empowered consumers to make decisions about their health by bringing curated, research-backed health information. 
    • Boomtown class of 2014
    • Read and analyzed autism research papers and summarized results for the lay audience.
    • Contributed to over 175 research paper summaries and
      editorials. Managed a team of six science writers and bloggers.
    • Oversaw quality and developed curation guidelines for the research presented on the site.
      Contributed to user testing/acquisition and SEO through Wikipedia content writing (200+ users and over 10,000 unique hits).

    Teaching Assistant - General Chemistry & Biochemistry 

    The University of Texas at Dallas

    I held three workshops per week, reviewed lecture concepts, reviewed practice problems, wrote review guides, and provided supplemental material to solidify chemistry concepts.

  • Skills

    “It doesn’t matter whether or not you have a head, you must wear the right sort of hat.”
    Nikos Kazantzakis

    Science Writing

    175+ research summaries & news analyses

    Grant writing

    5 major NIH grants


    4 semesters of teaching college Chemistry


    Marathi, English, Korean, Japanese, French
  • Personal Projects


    Follow (and perhaps fund?) my long-term fiction project on Inkshares!  Jinn is the story of a supernatural forensic investigator who must save the soul of a possessed Persian prince.  Click the icon to learn more about the story, how I came up with the idea, and to read the first chapter.  

    Goggles Optional

    A weekly podcast bringing you the professional and unprofessional opinions of Stanford scientists on the latest discoveries in the world of science.  For scientists and general audiences alike!  We have over 33,000 unique downloads in 90 countries and have been featured as a "New & Noteworthy" science podcast on iTunes and on the Stanford School of Medicine's award-winning blog Scope.

    Translation Portfolio

    I translate Korean songs into English for language practice (and fun!).  I learned a lot of beginning Korean grammar through translation and have a pretty extensive portfolio.  Longer interviews are usually found on my blog.
  • Education

    Stanford University

    M.S. Immunology, 2011-2014
    • National Institutes of Health, Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award trainee
    • Conceived and worked on two research projects studying calcium signaling mechanisms in T cells in the laboratory of Richard Lewis in the Department of Molecular & Cellular Physiology.
    • Student leader at the Graduate Life Office

    University of Texas at Dallas

    B.S. Molecular Biology (summa cum laude), 2007-2011 
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